My heart melts when the groom sees his bride for the very first time. I get goose bumps while the bride walks down the isle and will without a doubt tear up during the vows. I put my heart and soul into capturing every sweet intimate moment, every thoughtful detail, and every highlight of every wedding I shoot . There is nothing more beautiful and inspiring than the love a couple has for on another on their wedding day.


Families are crazy, fun, enthusiastic, unique, complicated, funny, quirky, special, silly, and most of all loving. And no two families are ever the same. That is what I love most about shooting families. Whether families book their sessions to get photos for holiday cards, yearly photos of the kids to send to grandparents, or "We haven't had photos of us taken since the kids were in dippers," I aim to capture the raw elements that define them as a family. My favorite family photos turn out when the family is having a blast goofing off with the kids, running around on the sand with their shoes off without a care in the world and expressing genuine love for each other.


Over the last few years I have had so many incredible opportunities to collaborate with jewelry designers, swimwear labels, fashion bloggers, clothing brands, and models from Southern California and beyond. I feel so honored to be working with such AMAZING people and brands. My ultimate goal is capture photos that will allow these badass business owners to promote their products and establish a lifestyle around their brand.


From exploring the hidden gems in my very own backyard of Laguna Beach, California to hiking into a snow storm in the mountains of Colorado to surf trips to Costa Rica, I am addicted to traveling. Photography allows me to take with me a piece of my travels back home with me and motivates me to keep feeding my hunger for new adventures.