About Me

Hi There!

My name is Riley Starr (yes, my last name is actually Starr) and I am a natural light photographer based out of Orange County, California. I was born in New Mexico and moved to Southern California while in grade school. Some of my favorite early memories are of camping and exploring the majestic Rocky mountains and the striking color palette of the high desert. Upon moving to Orange County I was immediately enamored with the ocean, the beach, waves, and surf culture. While in high school I got a job at a surf shop in Laguna Beach and saved enough money to buy my first camera. My photography journey started by shooting portraits of friends, holiday family photos, events, and anything that sparked up my inspiration. As I began to understand how to edit my photos and refine my style to reflect my vision I knew this was a passion I needed to follow. 

My love for photography has since grown to be a full- time career creating personalized branding content for inspiring businesses and their teams, along with look books and social media campaigns for clothing, jewelry, swim and accessory brands! Over the last two years, I have also fallen in love with wedding and engagement photography. I absolutely love what I do and I could never imagine doing anything else with my life!